Zlatan Ibrahimovic compliments Novak Djokovic

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In an interview with the club’s website online, FORTY-yr-old Ibrahimovic reminded that his father is Bosnian and his mom is of Croatian origin and stated, “Djokovic could also be of Balkan beginning, like me. Subsequently, our characters are susceptible to explosion. you are trying to do your easiest whilst you are angry. You listen higher, “You Are being extra careful. we all know that Novak is at his best possible at the court when he’s off the crushed track. I’m a dwelling example of that.” Emphasizing that he admires Djokovic’s carrying achievements, Ibrahimovic mentioned, “he is a real athlete. despite the fact that the mind works, little revel in reduces its worth. but if the mind combines with experience, character emerges. His head works like me.” Zlatan, comparing the performance of 34-year-antique Djokovic, who ignored his likelihood to win all of the grand slam tournaments of the season at the ultimate minute by losing within the ultimate at the US Open, despite enjoying the championship at the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon this yr. Ibrahimovic said, “Isn’t there that difficulty in The Big Apple? It has been very tricky for Djokovic to take in such unhappiness. He has been working his head all 12 months and has won all his video games. However within the last step, something went incorrect. Unfortunately, these items occur. However what he’s done this season has been improbable and he must suppose so too.”

Djokovic, in an interview he gave in advance, mentioned that they’re good friends with the Swedish football player, “Ibrahimovic is an ideal fighter. he’s an exquisite champion.”


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