Yılmaz Akbaşlı: We Needed issues but we could not in finding the function

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Yılmaz Akbaşlı, technical manager of Adanaspor, which drew ZERO-ZERO with Bereket Sigorta Ümraniyespor in the 6th week of the TFF 1st League, said that they believe they’ll get well results within the upcoming fits. at the press conference, he expressed that they had been sorry for no longer being able to win. i am hoping we will be able to make up for it in different suits. The opposing team could also be an undefeated workforce that did not concede a function. We said we might ranking the first purpose, however we didn’t prevail. The crew is improving every day. We gets better results when we make up for the deficiencies. i am hoping we will make up for the lost element within the Metropolitan Municipality Erzurumspor match. “Today, we gave one thing to our target audience as football, however we didn’t win as a consequence, that is our sadness. Erzurum away is a difficult away. we would like to return to Adana by way of convalescing prepared and scoring issues.”

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