Where is Turkey in Group G? Turkey standings and furnishings

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Our National Group, 2022 FIFA World Cup European Qualifiers Workforce G 7, Norway will play an excessively crucial match. In Group G, the Netherlands is in the lead with THIRTEEN points, while Norway with the similar points is in the 2d place with an average. Turkey is within the third place with ELEVEN issues. Having just one win in the closing 4 matches within the crew, the Nationwide Team desires to continue its claim by way of beating Norway in the first fit beneath the control of its new train Stefan Kuntz. In Addition to the Turkey-Norway sport, Gibraltar-Montenegro and Latvia-Netherlands might be played within the group today.

Which rank is Turkey in Group G?

The Netherlands defeated our National Team 6-1 within the 6th match of Workforce G of the 2022 FIFA International Cup Eu Qualifications and entered the 7th week as the leader. Norway with the same rating is within the 2d position with a regular. Having only one win within the closing 4 matches within the crew, Turkey is in the 3rd position with 11 issues. The Crescent and Stars, who want to care for an opportunity to lead, recall to mind not anything however defeating Norway.

World Cup Qualifiers Team G standings

1 – Netherlands / 13 issues

2- Norway / 13 issues

THREE- Turkey / ELEVEN points

4- Montenegro / 8 issues

FIVE- Latvia / FIVE points

6- Gibraltar / 0 issues

Turkey fixture< /strong>

2022 FIFA World Cup European Qualification Group G fit agenda:

24 March 2021: Turkey-Netherlands < strong>/ FOUR-2

27 March 2021: Norway-Turkey / 0-3< /p>

March 30, 2021: Turkey-Latvia / THREE-THREE

September 1, 2021: Turkey -Montenegro / 2-2

September FOUR, 2021: Gibraltar ik-Turkey / ZERO-THREE

September 7, 2021: Netherlands-Turkey / 6-1

October EIGHT, 2021: Turkey-Norway

October 11, 2021: Latvia-Turkey

November 13 2021: Turkey-Gibraltar

SIXTEEN November 2021: Montenegro-Turkey

2022 Global Cup Eu Qualification layout

Teams will face each other twice in their teams, inside and out of doors. The Ten groups that entire their teams as leaders will immediately participate within the 2022 FIFA International Cup. Crew runner-up with 10 teams and groups from the UEFA Countries League will go to the play-off matches and are seeking for a world Cup visa. After the 12-staff play-off suits, which can be played in a single-removal way, the other 3 nations so as to participate within the International Cup shall be announced.

2022 Global Cup Eu Qualifiers fit agenda

<1. Week: 24-25 March 2021

2. Week: 27-28 March 2021

3. Week: 30-31 March 2021

4. Week: 1-2 September 2021

FIVE. Week: 4-5 September 2021

6. Week: 7-8 September 2021

7. Week: 8-9 October 2021

8. Week: ELEVEN-12 October 2021

9. Week: ELEVEN-13 November 2021

10. Week: 14-SIXTEEN November 2021

Play-Off: 24, 25, 28, 29 March 2022

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