What Sergen Yalçın said about Balotelli within the past

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What Sergen Yalçın stated about Balotelli in the past turned into the time table once more… Beşiktaş hosted Adana Demirspor in the 6th week of the Tremendous League. Black-whites left the game with a 3-3 draw, in which they took a three-0 lead.

After Mario Balotelli’s team’s 2nd function, his move towards Beşiktaş Train Sergen Yalçın marked the night.

After the top of the Besiktas – Adana Demirspor match, the commentary made by way of Sergen Yalçın in a tv application he attended years ago came to the fore again on social media.

Here’s that statement circulating on social media…

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