Way To Osman Gedike from Uşakspor

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Hikmet Kahraman, who thanked Osman Gedik for his support through the talk over with, mentioned, “it’ll be so much easier for us to play for the championship with the enhance of Osman Gedik, the dear businessman who’s the emblem owner of our city of Uşak and Turkey. ‘ and his very valuable family and all his workers,” mentioned Osman Gedik. we will win in combination by way of operating together for its development in sports and in each and every sense. i’m more than happy and venerated to be with Uşak, Uşakspor and our Uşakspor fanatics, all Aşigos in each step taken at the strategy to the championship. Particularly Mr. President Hikmet Kahraman for giving us this opportunity. i might like to thank the esteemed managers of Uşakspor and proudly wear the crimson-black Uşakspor jersey, which was once given as a Uşakspor fan. i will devour it,” he stated.


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