Vital notes from Kayserispor-Galatasaray match

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Galatasaray Tutor Fatih Terim made 6 changes within the ELEVEN, which he placed on the sphere in the struggle they misplaced 1-ZERO to Aytemiz Alanyaspor. Kutlu, Cicaldau, Kerem Aktürkoğlu, Halil Dervişoğlu, Alpaslan Öztürk, Mustafa Muhammed, Assunçao, Oğulcan Çağlayan, Emre Kılıç, Feghouli in place of Morutan got a chance at 11.

Galatasaray fielded Muslera, Yedlin, Alpaslan Öztürk , Nellson, Van Aanholt, Oğulcan Çağlayan, Emre Kılıç, Taylan Antalyalı, Feghouli, Assunçao, Mustafa Muhammed came out with ELEVEN.

In Assunçao and Oğulcan 11

Terim gave the new transfer Assunçao, who used to be included within the fit squad final week, a chance for the first time within the starting ELEVEN, even as Oğulcan Çağlayan took the sphere in the 11th.

On the opposite hand, Alpaslan Öztürk in defense in place of Luyindama, He played within the first 11.

Diagne is in the squad

Diagne, who used to be no longer integrated in the squad for the Alanyaspor fit, was once now not integrated in the squad for the Kayserispor fit.

Galatasaray’s bench included Fatih Öztürk, Kerem Aktürkoğlu, Babel, Ömer Bayram, Morutan, Kaan Arslan, Luyindama, Atalay Babacan, Aytaç Kara, Diagne.

Berkan Kutlu, Alexandru Cicaldau and Halil Dervişoğlu weren’t incorporated in the camp squad for the Kayserispor fit, as they weren’t risked to avoid injury problems through the excessive fixture.

3 adjustments in Kayseri

Yukatel Kayserispor Teach Hikmet Karaman made 3 changes in the squad for the closing fit.

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