Varicose Veins

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The two treatment tools most frequently encountered by varicose veins patients. They consult doctors for compression stockings and varicose veins medicine. In fact, these are not therapeutic purposes, but temporary measures aiming at preventing complaints and relieving the patient. Often patients take the compression stockings and the medicine, use and leave the medicine for a while. Then, they wear the stocking a few times and put it in the drawer. Therefore, it cannot bear the difficulty of wearing it.

How to choose and use compression stockings?

People who have a vein or lymphatic vascular disease in their legs, or those who want to take precautions before getting sick. Then, they should definitely seek the opinion of a cardiovascular surgeon to understand what type of stockings they will buy. You should remember that there may be a problem with the legs. So, you neglect them but may lead to more important pictures in the future and requires treatment. After the type of the required sock is determined, the ‘size’ to be purchased should be determined by making diameter measurements from different points of the leg.

What should you consider in long-term use?

As with any socks, graded pressure socks have a life span. This lifetime is shortened compared to donning and washing and drying methods. Changes in leg diameters during the dressing process may also require a change in size. Therefore, patients who wear socks for a long time should renew their socks in an average of 6 months. Compressed stockings worn after legs swell can squeeze the leg like an hourglass. The result does not help instead of the expected benefit.

Who uses compression stockings?

• People who have clots or varicose veins in the deep in their legs or people with these diseases in their family.

• Have just had surgery.

• Those who can’t get out of bed or have trouble moving their legs.

• Doing jobs that require sitting or standing still for a long time (vehicle drivers, teachers, etc.).

• Pregnant women.

• Take long air travel.

• All men and women who want capillary-looking veins in their legs to form as late as possible.

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