Valentin Rosier: Cash isn’t everything

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Black Eagle’s right-again Valentin Rosier made important statements in the October issue of GQ Mag. The French right-back, who created the time table together with his other taste as well as to his football, first commented on the transfer procedure to the Black-Whites. Rosier said, “I Feel it is essential to face up for values. Unfortunately, we take cash very significantly. that is not all, money is not what makes us who we are. Beşiktaş depended on me when things weren’t going smartly in Portugal. It used to be essential for me to pay off them by way of signing right here, and that i am happy for that.”

‘i was a striker’

While requested why he preferred the appropriate-again line in his football career, Rosier said, “i love my position, however like many avid gamers, when i was young, I wasn’t always in that position. i used to be extra of a midfielder and striker! No, I Do Not see myself there, I’m too small!” (laughs) he spoke.

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