Unique clause in Fenerbahçe-Kim Min-Jae contract! Finish of season switch

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The settlement details of Kim Mae Jae, who has been probably the most mentioned name in Fenerbahce, have started to become clear. In Spite Of earning 3.5 million according to year from Chinese membership BJ Guoan, Kim’s agreement of 9 million Euros, that is included within the agreement of Kim, who makes a sacrifice of 1.5 million Euros to come to Fenerbahce and earns 2 million Euros annually, is probably the most talked about topic.< /p>

According to the scoop in Ajansspor; Kim’s biggest dream is to continue his football life in nations similar to Spain and England. That’s why he wanted a NINE million Euro purchase choice in his contract and put it as a freelance condition.

there may be a unique clause

But President Ali Koç made every effort to maintain the soccer participant. there is a unique clause in his agreement when it’s realized that he wants to make the sacrifice. won’t have the ability to use the unique unencumber rate clause.

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