Ultimate minute! PFDK introduced the sentence of Sergen Yalçın

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Breaking Besiktas news…PFDK has announced that it has given Besiktas show Sergen Yalçın a one-match ban and a THIRTEEN thousand TL fine for his unsportsmanlike conduct towards the match referee.

Sergen Yalçın, who will serve his penalty clear of Medipol Başakşehir, will lead his crew in the Galatasaray derby to be performed at Vodafone Park.

Sergen Yalçın’s assistant Murat Şahin will lead the group in the Başakşehir match.

PFDK also fined Çaykur Rizespor, one in all the Tremendous League teams, 132 thousand, Fraport TAV Antalyaspor and VavaCars Fatih Karagümrük ONE HUNDRED thousand, İttifak Maintaining Konyaspor and Yukatel Kayserispor 32 thousand, GZT Giresunspor 9 thousand TL. gave. the decisions taken by means of the professional Football Disciplinary Committee are as follows.

“1- Due To the sector incidents as a result of the enthusiasts of the ITTIFAK CONSERVING KONYASPOR Club in the İTTİFAK HOLDİNG KONYASPOR-AYTEMİZ ALANYASPOR Tremendous League fit played on 02.10.2021, 32.000.-TL MONEY Penalty to be punished, to prevent the spectators within the WEST LOWER TRIBUNE B block, where the fans involved in the box events, from getting into the following match, which is the host club, by means of blockading their cards throughout the scope of the digital ticket, according with Article 52/3 of the FDT,


Pursuant to the object, the spectators within the NORTH CITADEL AGAIN NORTH BACKSIDE D block, who are unpleasant and badly cheering, are averted from getting into the contest, wherein they’re the next host club, through blocking their cards throughout the scope of digital tickets, To be punished with a fine of ONE HUNDRED,000.-TL for taking spectators,

Even If within the comparable competition, ADEM KART, the manager of FRAPORT TAV ANTALYASPOR Membership, used to be referred to our Board for his violation of the instructions by means of illegally taking spectators from the evacuation gate; FRAPORT TAV ANTALYASPOR Club officer BURAK CAN COŞKUN used to be punished with 15 DAYS OF DISCLAIMER for violating the directions, as a result of the unlawful admission of spectators to the stadium within the comparable pageant,


In the similar competition, FRAPORT TAV ANTALYASPOR Membership officer ERKAN KOTAN was punished with 15 DAYS OF INeligibility because of violation of the directions due to illegally permitting spectators to the stadium,

In the same festival, FRAPORT TAV ANTALYASPOR Membership officer FARUK AKINCI

FRAPORT TAV ANTALYASPOR Club officer YUSUF MINISTRY was once sentenced to 15 DAYS OF DISCLAIMER for violating the directions, as a result of unlawful admission of spectators to the stadium. to be punished,

THREE- GZT GİRESUNSPOR Membership played on 02.10.2021 an GÖZTEPE A.Ş.-GZT GİRESUNSPOR Super League match, as a result of his unsportsmanlike conduct as a workforce, to be punished with 9,000.-TL CASH PENALTY,

4- YUKATEL KAYSERİSPOR Club, performed on 02.10.2021, Inc.

Because Of the unsportsmanlike behavior of ALİ RIZA SERGEN YALÇIN, the technical manager, against the referee of the contest within the BEŞİKTAŞ A.Ş.-DEMİR CREW SİVASSPOR Super League fit performed on 02.10.2021, IN 1 LEGIT FESTIVAL, ENTRY TO THE DRESSING ROOM AND THE SPARE MEMBERSHIP AND THIRTEEN.000 YAS.-

7- ÇAYKUR RİZESPOR A.Ş.’s resolution to be punished via ÇAYKUR RİZESPOR A.Ş.-GALATASARAY A.Ş., played on 03.10.2021. in the Tremendous League fit, he used to be punished with a 32.000.-TL CASH PENALTY as a result of the field incidents as a result of his fans, ,

In the similar pageant, ÇAYKUR RİZESPOR A.Ş. Supervisor MEHMET ÖMEROĞLU was once punished with 75 DAYS OF DISCLAIMER and 35,000.-TL MONEY PENALTY for insulting the fit referee,

ÇAYKUR RİZESPOR A.Ş. officer BURAK BAKIR, because of being at the inexperienced ground for which he is no longer accredited, with a STATEMENT PENALTY due to violation of the directions,


It has been decided that TOGAY MURATOĞLU, officer of the competition, will be punished with 21 DAYS OF INeligibility for insulting the fit referees”


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