Turgutlusporda Kazım Akgün’s long term is in doubt

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Turgutluspor, who lost THREE-0 away to Bodrumspor within the TFF second League Crimson Staff, and persisted their eager for victory, is discussing the future of teach Kazım Akgün in the club. Turgutlu, who could not win within the first FIVE weeks in the staff, may just simplest ranking 1 point with 1 draw and 4 losses. The red-black team, which could best shake the nets thrice within the FIVE video games it played, scored 9 targets in its fortress. Turgutluspor, so as to host Silahtaroğlu Vanspor FK on Wednesday throughout the weekday shift, is claimed to be Akgün’s ultimate likelihood in this match.


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