True Food Kitchen – Oak Brook 2021

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True Food Kitchen is a healthy eating program based on the philosophy that by eating real food in its purest form, we can live a more fulfilling life and achieve better health. The network of schools started out in California in 1998 and has since spread to several other countries including France and Italy. Its founder, Larry Dossey, M.D., used his experience as a chef and nutritionist to develop this highly popular system. He discovered that many of the traditional diet programs simply did not work because they focused on treating the symptoms rather than dealing with the underlying cause of the disease. By finding the causes, he was able to create a program that would treat the disease and improve the body’s resistance to it.

True Food Kitchen Oak Brook

True Food Kitchen of Oakbrook, IL is a contemporary branch of the acclaimed vegetarian food restaurant concept. Established in 1999, the kitchen offers “no grease” dining options, and many of its gourmet meals can be prepared by the guests themselves. Located in a leafy storefront on the north side of Oak Creek Road in Chicago’s Rosemont neighborhood, the restaurant is operated by Emeril R. Gudakunst, a long-time executive of the Nabob, a publicly-traded company that manufactures hygiene and medical equipment. The gourmet kitchen menu boasts fine selections of vegetarian dishes and international cuisine inspired by the flavors of various countries.

Vegetarian dishes include gluten-free pasta, salads with fresh veggies, sushi rolls, grilled vegetable platters, exotic fruits, and a variety of entrees such as seared Trout with mushroom gravy and chanterelle mushroom cream. Other vegetarian offerings include vegetable lasagna, roasted vegetable soup, lentils with mushroom stuffing, and vegetarian sausage. Some entrees may not be available for vegan consumers. However, all other dishes are available to those who do not eat meat or are lactose intolerant. The friendly staff and friendly atmosphere of True Food Kitchen encourage visitors to try something new and different each time they dine.

True Food Kitchen Pasadena

True Food Kitchen, a dining concept from the creators of Cups & Sauces, is quickly gaining popularity throughout the Los Angeles area. The restaurant serves organic, grass-fed, and pesticide-free meals that are paired with wine and organic teas. If you are looking for an alternative to the fast-food atmosphere that is increasingly popular in Los Angeles, this is the place to go. Relaxed, eco-chill, and organic chain now serving up healthy, organic cuisine, with customizable vegan choices.