Trondsen is again in Trabzonspor

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Trondsen recovered from his injury. The Norwegian soccer participant, who entered the sport later within the Galatasaray match and had an issue together with his ankle, joined the workforce. Trondsen, who took section within the fieldwork inside the coaching, shall be in the squad for tomorrow’s Kayserispor match.

Critical day in Denswil

Stefano Denswil, who used to be injured in the course of the heat-up exercises earlier than the Konya match The health staff had declared a mobilization. in the course of the length whilst Vitor Hugo and Hüseyin Türkmen were suspended, Abdullah Avcı sought after Denswil to study in Kayseri displacement. It will likely be clear these days whether or not the Dutch football participant, who labored one by one from the staff in yesterday’s coaching, will play.

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