Trabzonspor overtakes its rivals! Hunter difference

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Bordeaux-Mavililer, who ready the season with the password of championship under the management of Abdullah Avcı and made a flash start to the league with the flash transfers he made, took the lead in lots of necessary facts describing the sport to boot as within the scoreboard. Avcı’s team clearly demonstrated its claim to the top with its performance in EIGHT weeks, while overtaking its rivals. The Black Sea crew, which is the crew that shoots probably the most as it should be in the league, confirmed the same success in defense, and again stood out because the team that blocked the most pictures within the league.

No balls to lose

Every Other necessary factor that Hunter’s assertive recreation tries to play is reflected within the data is turnovers. While Storm used to be the team with the least turnovers during this EIGHT-week period, Trabzonspor was once the staff that entered probably the most positions. The Northern representative controlled to stick sooner than his arch-rivals with the positions he captured 119 times.

Safa Can Konuksever

Trabzonspor overtakes its Latest Status - Trabzonspor overtakes its Reports

Trabzonspor overtakes its Analyze - Trabzonspor overtakes its Results

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