Trabzonspor news: Togetherness from Ahmet Ağaoğlu to the enthusiasts

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Trabzonspor Club President Ahmet Ağaoğlu said that he believes the burgundy-blue lovers will experience the happiness they deserve on the end of the league marathon.

Agaoglu, emphasizing that the show Abdullah Avci and the football workforce clearly confirmed how so much they want the happiness of the enthusiasts, even though it is nonetheless on the beginning of the season, persevered as follows:

“The decision of our soccer players at the box, His want and ambition make us very happy out of doors the sphere. It reinforces our effort and pleasure yet again. i’m hoping and want that you just, our esteemed fanatics, who look ahead to the good fortune of Trabzonspor with great endurance, pleasure and keenness all over the arena, benefit from the happiness they deserve on the finish of this lengthy league marathon. it’s going to continue to exist.”

“Economic and sportive making plans, which we now have been carrying out with my colleagues within the board of administrators for approximately 3.5 years, is technical. Mixed with the sincere efforts of our soccer player, Mr. Abdullah Avcı and his team, he created a very strong Trabzonspor on and stale the sector.” Ağaoğlu, using the expression:

“With our transfers we completed prior to the beginning of the season, and lots of local and overseas avid gamers we introduced to our squad within our finances, our Trabzonspor has turn out to be the strongest candidate for the championship nowadays. However, we should always now not put out of your mind that our staff most effective we will stroll to luck not just with the gamers who have simply joined us, but additionally with the contributions of our gamers, who carry the history, id and undertaking of Trabzonspor in their spirit, in addition as our family and foreign video games in our current squad. That Is why our fanatics, Trabzonspor, who don’t spare their strengthen in all stipulations and conditions with great sincerity. it is our best want that he’ll show the mandatory support to our football gamers.”

Agaoglu, giving the message of harmony, said, “our greatest energy is our enthusiasts who are interlocked, trusted and believed. no victory, there is no challenge that he can’t triumph over. Now more than ever, it’s time to be in combination. it’s time to be facet by way of aspect all in combination.”


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