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A towel is a cloth with soft hairs on both sides. It helps to dry the wet parts of the body. Cotton is generally preferred for production because it gives the towel the water absorption power after bleaching. In daily life, when we wash our hands or take bath, we use a towel if there is no bathrobe. Its use is very common and not all towels are healthy. Therefore, when choosing a towel, its water absorption power and softness should be checked. In addition, care should be taken to have natural fibers that are bamboo and modal. Apart from these, another important factor is the quality level of their seams. Towel production is a phenomenon based on a history of almost 100 years. In recent years, importance has been given to towel, weaving, and knitting technologies. This comes across in different types and qualities.

Bath and Body Towels

The recommended frequency of washing: after 3 – 4 times usage.

Bath towels are products designed for frequent and intensive use. However, the towel you use may start to smell after just a shower or two. This odor is easier to come through, especially if towels are not ventilated correctly. If you exercise regularly, you should consider changing your bath towels a little more often. Also, you should not share your towel with other family members. Especially if a member of your family has a contagious skin disease, you should never, ever do one thing. It is towel sharing.

After 3 times, every bath towel linen should be longitudinal. We should not wait for tears and stains on the towel. If a towel does not seem soft and lightly used, it means that it has reached its end of life. Towels should not be used even if there is an odor from products such as detergent and bleach. The towels you use should feel like just taken off the shelf. If bath towel you use looks a little faded to your eyes, it is time to part your way with that product.

Hand and Face Towels

The recommended frequency of washing: every 2 – 3 days. “It’s not a joke. Real!”

Hand towels should be thrown into the washing machine frequently since they are used frequently. They have an environment where bacteria can reproduce more quickly and are used by different people for various reasons. After all, would you like to dry your hand/face with a towel with your grandfather’s toothpaste stains? Of course no. The advantage of hand and face towels is that they are quite cheap. For this reason, it is good for your health to buy a few spare towels. If your hand and face towel is torn, it is stained then change it.

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