THE NICE threat looking ahead to Turkey after the european matches!

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Turkey continues to be hit in the UEFA ratings. although Galatasaray persisted to steer the crowd with a draw clear of Marseille, this rating could not save you us from regressing yet another step within the united states rating score. After Turkey, Turkey regressed to nineteenth position within the score of countries, passing to Greece. in the 2023-23 season;

-The workforce that finished the Super League within the 1st position will likely be promoted to the Champions League if we can now not whole the season inside the best 15 by profitable each the Champions League and UEFA Europa League this season.

-No workforce will take part in the UEFA Europa League.

-Three of our groups will seem in the UEFA Conference League.


After the matches performed within the Champions League and UEFA Europa League, the UEFA Score was once shaped as follows:

1-England : NINETY,641

2-Spain: EIGHTY TWO,570

3 -Italy: 65.902

4-Germany: 64.213

5-France: 46.415

6-Portugal: 45.216

7-Netherlands: 36,500

8-Austria: 32.850

9-Russia: 31.682

10-Scotland: 31.300

11-Ukraine: 30.600

12-Serbia: < /strong>28,875

13-Belgium: 28,000

14-Switzerland : 26,925

15-Croatia: 24,900

16 -Czech Republic: 24,400

17-Cyprus: 24.375

18-Greece: 24.200

19-Turkey: 23.900

20-Norway: 23,250

21-Sweden: 22.625

22- Denmark: 22,575

23-Israel: 22.215

24-Bulgaria: 19.250

25-Romania: SIXTEEN. 650

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