The file of Marinakis, who spoke in regards to the incident after the Fenerbahce fit

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the owner, president and ardent supporter of the Greek team, Vangelis Marinakis (54), who made scandalous statements after the Fenerbahçe-Olympiakos fit played in the Ülker Stadium in the UEFA Europa League, is thought of as certainly one of the richest but also probably the most controversial figures in his country.

One of the owners of Nottingham Woodland

Marinkis, which comes from a circle of relatives of shipowners and owns 98 ships, got the stocks of Olympiakos A.Ş (only Football department) in 2010. He purchased the majority and have become the president of the red and whites. within the remaining 11 years at Olympiakos, he has taken the championship rope NINE instances in the Greek League. In 2017, he bought the majority of the stocks of the British Nottingham Wooded Area group through paying £ 50 million

The so-known as ‘Pontic Genocide’ statue

Marinakis is in Piraeus Municipality Member of Parliament for lots of years. Marinakis, whose mother (Irini Karakachi) is of Black Sea beginning, had the so-referred to as ‘Pontic Genocide’ statue erected in Piraeus in 2017. years later, he had the statue of Nikitas Stametopoulos, nicknamed ‘Turkish massacre’, who took phase within the Greek riot in opposition to the Ottoman Empire in 1821, built in the comparable city.

He combined politics with the victory of Olympiakos

Greek Information web site zougla, in its news titled ‘Marinakis’ landslide’, stated, “Politics mixed in with the victory of Olympiakos. He spoke nonsense. are you able to imagine what would have took place if the pinnacle of a Turkish team had come out after a sport in Greece and mentioned the victory of Islam? Unbelievable rudeness,” he wrote.

Her father may be a shipowner

Born in 1967 within the Greek port city of Piraeus, Vangelis Marinakis is a Cretan shipowner and politician. Son of Miltiadis Marinakis. The Mummy of Marinakis, who has a fortune of roughly SEVEN-HUNDRED million Euros, is Irini Karakatsani from the Ypsilantis family.


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