The dangerous trend keeps in Manisa FK

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IN THE 4th week of the league, the black-and-whites misplaced their first defeat at house to Metropolitan Belediye Erzurumspor by 1-0, then lost to Menemenspor and Royal Health Facility Bandırmaspor in a row.

After losing away to Menemen throughout the weekday shift, Manisa FK, which was once defeated THREE-1 at house by Bandırmaspor, moved clear of the summit. Despite an ambitious start to the season, Manisa FK could not keep up, and morale used to be grounded. Technical Director Serkan Özbalta suggested that he’ll report to the control as a result of the defeats. While it was claimed that Özbalta’s seat, which led the team to victory in the second League closing season, was once shaky, it was once emphasized that many technical men watched the last fit of Manisa FK.


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