(SUMMARY) Kasımpaşa-Konyaspor fit outcome: 2-2

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IN THE 7th week of the Super League, İttifak Maintaining Konyaspor used to be the guest of Kasımpaşa. Undefeated along side Trabzonspor in the league, Konyaspor started the fit played on the Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Stadium wonderfully.

18. The Golf Green and White crew, which took the lead with Ahmed Hassan in the 21st minute, increased the adaptation to two with Serdar Gürler in the 21st minute. Istanbul representative, who scored with Michal Travnik within the 29th minute, equalized the score with Umut Bozok’s penalty goal in the 63rd minute and NINETY mins ended 2-2. He reached 6 issues with 1 element and closed the week in sixteenth position. Konyaspor, who didn’t lose for 7 matches, took the 6th place with THIRTEEN points.

Kasimpasa will visit Fenerbahce away within the eighth week of the Tremendous League. Konyaspor, on the different hand, will proportion their trump card with Alanyaspor, the in-shape workforce of the final weeks, within the 8th week.


GOAL | 18. The visiting team took the lead. Ahmed Hassan, who used to be moving to the back submit in the middle of Bytyqi from the left, sent the spherical leather-based ball into the nets together with his hit without waiting: ZERO-1.

PURPOSE | 21. Konyaspor greater the variation to 2 mins. Performing at the ball, played by way of Abdülkerim Bardakcı longer than his own half, Serdar Gürler hung in the back of the defense. The experienced soccer player, who caught goalkeeper Ertuğrul Taşkıran within the entrance, brought the round leather-based nets along side a plagiarized shot at the left diagonal in front of the penalty space: 0-2.

28. Eysseric shot over the front line of the penalty house in the 2nd minute, goalkeeper Sehic leaned to his left and prevented the leather ball from going into the net.

PURPOSE | 29. The darkish blue-white team reduced the difference to at least one on the minute. Travnik, who met the ball within the penalty house with Umut Bozok’s intermediate pass, lifted the nets with the shot he took once you have rid of an opponent: 1-2.

34. WITHIN THE 2d minute, Yusuf Erdoğan shot from the left of the penalty area arc, and goalkeeper Sehic lay on his left and knocked down the leather-based ball.

Konya representative entered the halftime lead 2-1.

62. Kasimpasa received a penalty in the 2nd minute. Umut Bozok moved to the ball, which Travnik became inside on the last second in the left diagonal within the penalty area. The army-blue-white football participant fell on the flooring with the intervention of Ahmet Çalık, and referee Tugay Kaan Numanoğlu gave a penalty decision.

OBJECTIVE | 63. Umut Bozok, who took the penalty within the second minute, despatched Sehic to different corners with the leather-based spherical: 2-2.

87. The goalkeeper Sehic knocked the ball into the nook whilst Yusuf Erdoğan entered the penalty space with an intervening pass in the 2d minute.

The match led to a 2-2 draw.

Stat: Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Referees: Brigade Kaan Numanoğlu, Bahtiyar First, Selahattin Altay

Kasimpasa: Ertuğrul Taşkıran , Evren Eren Elmalı, Tarkan Unfastened, Donk, Hadergjonaj, Travnik (Min NINETY THREE Brecka), Sadiku, Eysseric, Hajradinovic (Min 86 Doğucan Haspolat), Yusuf Erdoğan (Min NINETY+2 Ahmet Emin Engin), Umut Bozok< /p>

İttifak Maintaining Konyaspor: Sehic, Skubic, Ahmet Çalık, Abdülkerim Bardakcı, Guilherme, Soner Dikmen (Min. 71 Mpoku), Hadziahmetovic, Endri Çekiçi (Min. SIXTY ONE Rahmanovic), Serdar Gürler (Min. NINETY THREE Adil Demirbağ), Bytyqi, Ahmed Hassan (Min. 61 Cikalleshi)

Objectives: Min. 18 Ahmed Hassan, Min. 21 Serdar Gürler (İttifak Maintaining Konyaspor), Min. 29 Travnik, Min. SIXTY THREE Umut Bozok (From Penalty) (Kasimpasa)

Yellow playing cards: Min. 16 Eysseric, Min. FIFTY ONE Umut Bozok, Min. 83 Hadergjonaj (Kasimpasa), Min. SIXTY FIVE Skubic (İttifak Maintaining Konyaspor)

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