Sezer Öztürk sought after for murder! Flash detail in research

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Within The struggle related to former football participant Sezer Öztürk, who also performed in Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe, 1 person died and 1 particular person used to be injured. Sezer Öztürk, who went lacking after the incident, continues to be sought after. regarding the investigation, CNN TÜRK reporter Ceylan Sever stated, “There May Be crucial element within the investigation,” and gave consideration-grabbing information. Whilst the police are looking for Sezer Öztürk all over, the investigation maintains. CNN TÜRK reporter Ceylan Sever pronounced the newest scenario;

consistent with the investigation document of the Istanbul Anatolian Leader Public Prosecutor’s Place Of Work; The incident took place on Sunday, September 19 at 17.30 in Sancaktepe, Istanbul. Halil İbrahim Scholten, who came from Germany along with his father and brother, took his pals with them to have a picnic. in step with the research file, an argument broke out between them and former football participant Sezer Öztürk as a result of the dismissal. Öztürk was once a neatly-identified football player. As a result of the argument that broke out among them, Sezer Öztürk allegedly opened fireplace from his vehicle and 24-year-old Halil İbrahim Scholten died at the scene. The FOUR injured other people were additionally taken to the hospital.

It was claimed that Sezer Öztürk had 1 motive force and 1 loved one at the scene. the motive force surrendered himself the following day after the incident. And in his observation he mentioned; ‘i used to be not on the scene. i don’t recognize the rest in regards to the battle that broke out. Most Effective Mr. Sezer’s son referred to as me and stated that Mr. Sezer was once considering a fight. Whilst I approached the scene while i used to be leaving my area with my non-public car, when I approached the scene, while I saw the gendarmerie, I were given scared and went back to my house’

However, the prosecutor’s place of business did not recognize this remark. As A Result Of he was once a person who complied with the commentary given by the complainants on the scene. And for this reason why, it was once decided to arrest the driving force.


On the other hand, Sezer Öztürk and his family member with him are wanted far and wide by way of the protection forces. The Prosecutor’s Administrative Center issued an arrest warrant for Sezer Öztürk. What does this imply? While he is caught through the security forces, he’s going to be sent on to the jail, not just his observation will be taken.


There May Be crucial detail within the research. Element that is anticipated to totally light up the report. HTS records… The prosecutor’s office requested the HTS records of the folks provide on the crime scene, and the HTS records mirrored at the base stations. What does this mean? Those HTS records will reveal who and the way so much other people contacted on the crime scene, how a lot they stayed within the same area and the place they moved away, with whom and how they stayed in contact. >

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