Seyit Mehmet Özkan: We Cannot educate scorers

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THE PINNACLE of Altınordu, one in every of the TFF 1st League clubs, Seyit Mehmet Özkan, mentioned that Turkish soccer has no longer been in a position to elevate scorers in contemporary years. Former most sensible scorer Taner Demirbaş, who was the top scorer twice in a row within the 1st League and scored 278 objectives all over his occupation, gave special shooting trainings to the strikers who had been skilled at Altınordu Football Academy in Altınordu Metin Oktay Campus for three days and shared his reviews. mentioning that Turkey has trained good goalkeepers in contemporary years, President Seyit Mehmet Özkan stated, “The fruit of soccer is objectives. If there is a purpose in the suits, you get 3 issues, if there’s no goal, you get 1 element. it’s very tricky to score targets in our country and within the international. we’ve been coaching excellent goalkeepers in contemporary years, unfortunately, scorer President Özkan, explaining that Taner Demirbaş conveyed his knowledge and revel in to his athletes, stated, “Taner is a soccer superstar. When he is a football worker and in addition famous, some other people increase in peak, but Taner does not have them. “If we are going to train scorers for Turkish football, we need coaches who do this task neatly,” he stated. you can get inside of and be mindful the spirit and capability of this place more easily. it is a great feeling to look the exceptional facilities here in person. Giving one thing to youth makes me more than happy. There must be more such examples.”


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