Serkan Çeri: Shall We host more teams if the accommodations have been open

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Erciyes Top Altitude Tenting Heart closed the season after the summer season. Pointing Out that they closed the season at Erciyes Prime Altitude Camp Center, Çeri stated, “We’re closing the season now. The season has been excellent for us. in fact, lets host extra teams in Erciyes, but i would like to point out the dearth of accommodations right here. If the resorts had been more open, we could host more groups. It’s onerous to turn a spot that no one knows approximately right into a campground. We completed this. There are excellent requests. The teams left glad.” we now have already started working at the next season. We do field upkeep. there’s an excellent call for for our camp center, especially from in a foreign country. we expect that many teams will come to Erciyes and camp. we have now good tasks. Here we’ve got already set to work at the Erciyes Cup. With A Bit Of Luck, next yr, extra resorts will probably be open and we will be able to convey extra teams here.”


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