Sergen Yalçın’s goal in Beşiktaş is uniform justice

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In Beşiktaş, which used to be with regards to the top and used to be satisfied to be at the top of the team with the Sivasspor victory, teach Sergen Yalçın rolled up his sleeves to come out stronger from the nationwide break. in addition to reflecting an effective sport plan on the box, he will proceed to maintain the young names he gave a possibility within the procedure. won’t throw it away. The black and white educate, who likes the performance of avid gamers corresponding to Can, Serdar and Güven, will attempt to play these teens with experienced names as much as imaginable. Whilst raising Serdar with Vida and will with names comparable to Pjanic, Souza, Alex Teixeira and Atiba, Yalçın, who wants to placed Güven in competition with Larin and N’Koudou, will play these names by means of resting them because of the intense pace.


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