Sergen Yalçın: Lets push Ghezza if we took a chance

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Beşiktaş Tutor Sergen Yalçın made a statement to the broadcaster prior to the Sivasspor fit. Emphasizing that they’re going to play with a strong team and that they’re well prepared, the experienced show additionally spoke about injured avid gamers.

‘It is not going to be an easy match’

‘It is not going to be a very easy match’ Expressing that they want to return to the league with a ranking, Yalçın stated, “we will be able to play with a good and robust workforce. It won’t be an easy fit. We prepared well. We attempted to concentrate the gamers within the 3-FOUR day duration. i hope we return to the league with a fair game and an even ranking.”

‘We may have pressured Ghezzal if we took a possibility’

Indicating that the well being of his gamers may be very necessary, Yalçın stated, “The screw has became, Necip has back, Alex is comparatively well. case. Maybe we can use it in the 2nd part. we’ve got a lot of gamers in the market. Playing for the National Team could be very important, however illnesses are more essential. they are able to play if they are ready, however i don’t assume Atiba and Larin can play within the National Group. lets push Ghezzal if we took the risk. We didn’t want to take risks,” he stated.

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