Sergen Yalçın: A lesson to everybody!

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Black-Whites, who hosted Adana Demirspor at Vodafone Park the previous night time within the 6th week battle of the Tremendous League, couldn’t keep the ranking within the match the place they took a three-ZERO lead and left the field with 1 point. Black Eagle’s tutor Sergen Yalçın warned the players at the end of the match, who had issue in stopping Mario Balotelli, who used to be later integrated in the recreation within the opposing team, and agreed to a ranking of three-3 after the Italian striker aired the nets twice.

‘We have vital shortcomings’

Experienced coach, “ Beşiktaş shouldn’t give issues from 3-0. The match ends whilst the referee blows his whistle, not when he catches THREE variations! Permit this stumble upon be a lesson to all of you. we will be able to not be caught, however we will be informed. now could be the time to place the whole thing aside. We entered the tempo of one match in 3 days, now we have important shortcomings. However everyone has to do their part to the most efficient in their ability to the tip!”

Orhan Yıldırım

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