Sending Ahmet Nur Cebi to Galatasaray!

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Beşiktaş Club President Ahmet Nur Çebi made statements. Ahmet Nur Cebi referred to Galatasaray while speaking approximately sponsorship agreements.

According to the inside track in Ortacizgi; President Cebi also criticized the former President of Beşiktaş Club, Fikret Orman, and his management.

Here are Ahmet Nur Cebi’s statements:

-Galatasaray survives by way of selling Riva, but we did not promote anything else-

“Our stadium naming rights are tied to Vodafone for two extra years. Vodafone left its breast sponsorship and we brought Beko for three years for horny money. We brought Aksa to the back sponsorship of the jersey for 3 years, Güriş to the sleeve sponsorship for three years, Sompo to the shorts sponsorship and HDI Sigorta to the amateur branches. We sold all the hotels rather well and when we arrived, greater than half them had been empty. Galatasaray is standing by way of promoting Riva, but we didn’t promote the rest.”

-What project could be larger than these-

“We become champions the first 12 months we came and We earned the Champions League source of revenue with a low-finances team. Our finances was 30 million Euros. We were given all of the amateurs beneath price range control. What challenge may well be larger than those?”

– While Fikret Orman known as him home and stated false issues…-

“The old administration did the whole thing very well. He offers cash to troll money owed and prints them as though he did it neatly. I like to talk about the problems in the Council Committees. Whilst Fikret Orman known as him to his space and mentioned fake issues, we had to resolution in the Council of the Court Docket. Mustafa Cengiz did not leave a bad legacy to the brand new president as in Beşiktaş. The malicious Beşiktaş enemies nonetheless continue to inflict injury.”

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