Semih Çiftçi: Pjanic loves Turkey greatly

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The Owner of Gaudim Restaurant, who has been a chef in Barcelona, ​​Spain for many years and interested many stars of the Catalan staff, especially Messi, together with his foods, informed FANATİK about his shut friend Miralem Pjanic.

‘I invited him to my restaurant’

How did your friendship with Pjanic start?

“When he transferred to Barcelona, ​​I invited him to my eating place I did. I had sympathy because he used to be Bosnian and Muslim. He had large goals at Barça, but he was once disillusioned. He loves rooster rice and red meat. Alternatively, he is allergic to onions. He never wants it either in his foods or at his table.”

‘He sees it as his united states of america’

Have you ever talked about Turkey?< /p>

“He loves Turkey and Turkish folks very much. He informed me in one of our conversations, “As my us of a Bosnia is for me, so is Turkey for me”. For me he’s the most efficient individual in the global and very friendly. Sympathetic, dignified, respectful to others and not spoiled.”

‘I told him to stay’

Why did he select Beşiktaş?

“He came right here as a result of he loves Turkey. He gave up his top earnings to play soccer. I even said to him, ‘Stay right here, it is not your problem, you’ve gotten a contract until 2024’. By Means Of leaving, he in any case escaped the force of Koeman. he will display his best efficiency in Beşiktaş and the lovers will love him.”

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