Selim Karadağ: Why don’t we at all times have our flag up?

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The goalkeeper of the Amputee Nationwide Football Group, who become the eu champion for the second time in a row, Selim Karadağ, set his sights at the global championship. He defined that that they had a good momentum with the team and that they had the glory of being champion via beating Spain 6-0 within the final.

“We labored great and educated 247. in addition to those, we played friendly fits. Osman Hodja all the time tells us that he’s doing his military responsibility. he is a barber. persons are looking to do one thing for this us of a. we’re in these camps with the tax of those folks. now we have to pay off. we’ve got always attempted to behave with this idea. Our burden was once heavy. We at all times mentioned why not have our flag up. this idea brought us the championship. We at all times pass on holiday. We said we have been. Because we worked very well in coaching and we mentioned we will be able to come and get that trophy.”

“We set out with the purpose of being number one in the world”

We said that the friendship inside the national group is at a top level. Explaining that they have achieved good fortune thanks to this and that, Karadağ referred to that they will reach better things within the future. >”Believers need to paintings in the event that they need to be successful. We labored for execution. Our motto is ‘we have a lot of labor to do with a promise made.’ We did our task and saved our word. The pandemic did not deter us. We persisted our paintings with out interruption. We set out with the purpose of being number one in the arena and we are the best in the arena. We acted with this consciousness. We made Europe accept the dominance of our soccer and we defeated it in a deferential approach. They were tough suits. but when the games began, we did what we do very best and played ball. We wish to be the champion within the World Championship to be able to be held in Turkey in 2022.”

“We sighed with the final whistle”

“a big load has been lifted from our shoulders. We labored. i haven’t been house for the final FORTY days. As A Result Of there might be any chance of coronavirus. We spent our breaks among the camps in an isolated setting. We didn’t want to go wrong. We did not exit in public right through these techniques. We took a deep sigh at the final whistle. We realized that we had accomplished our desired purpose. We got so much of strengthen within the stands. Our ambassador got here and we celebrated the championship with them. we’re very grateful to our voters there. We felt their beef up. you are more than happy whilst the chief of the rustic takes care of you. it sort of feels that your work is valued. Our folks have already given their give a boost to. This motivates us. We made a promise to him and we kept our promise. He also offers us the required worth and said he’ll invite us. we will be able to honorably go to him and present our trophy.”

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