Scandalous footage of Yves Bissouma emerges

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Scandalous photographs of Yves Bissouma, who performed in Brighton, certainly one of the Ideal League groups, emerged. It used to be stuck on the cameras that the soccer participant was handcuffed and brought out of a nightclub by means of the police. The 25-yr-vintage Brighton midfielder reportedly spent the day in custody. it is now not recognized why the player used to be detained yet.

it is not recognized how the groups will way him after these pictures of Yves Bissouma, who is expected to be at the listing of giant groups within the interim switch period with his a hit performance in Brighton.

“The membership was once very crowded. Other Folks were very stunned to look Bissouma at the membership. he is these days the best participant in Brighton, so he is undoubtedly the best player. It didn’t pass left out by way of other people. They were much more stunned when they noticed him being handcuffed outdoor the membership later on.”


*(Photograph courtesy of The Solar)

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