Scandalous experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina! They burned the referees alive

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IN THE 82nd minute of the match where Velez Mostar was once defeated 2-0 through Borac within the Bosnia and Herzegovina Most Appropriate League, the supporters of the house group reacted to the selections of the referee of the match, Sabrija Topalovic. The spectators, who could not take their pace, went down to the field.

at the end of the match, an incredible event came about. The hooligan team set fire to the vehicle carrying the referee of the fit Topalovic and his two assistants while they were at the road, rendering them unusable.

The referees escaped dying at the remaining second. Police officers, who opened an research into the incident, took action to trap the criminals. It was reported that one particular person was once injured through the events and used to be being treated at the health facility.

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