Robust reaction from Adana Demirspor to Beşiktaş: Balotelli at the execution bench

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Adana Demirspor condemned the black-and-white club’s statements approximately Mario Balotelli after the Beşiktaş fit. within the statement made by way of Adana Demirspor Membership, “We strongly condemn the statements made through the black and white membership about our player Mario Balotelli after the Super League fit we played with Beşiktaş JK.”

in the commentary, it was stated that the statements made to change the time table by ignoring the efforts of the avid gamers, who showed a super instance of combat on the box at the same time as Adana Demirspor was defeated 3-0, is a disrespect to the Adana Demirspor community.

<within the observation that Besiktas Instruct Sergen Yalçın expressed his particular person response after the statements he made with Mario Balotelli on a television channel years ago, the following expressions had been used:

As a results of the match, the referee of the fit, Ali Palabıyık, punished him through showing him a yellow card. After the match, our president and teach said in their statements that Balotelli’s conduct used to be mistaken. Our player was once virtually tried to be put at the dying bench. After the general whistle of the match, Beşiktaş technical team insulted Mario Balotelli and our bench. and all of Turkey has seen his behavior. Even If he made unconscionable words, Adana Demirspor ended the development and our football gamers and technical committee went to the locker room. Our club, which thanked them on each platform that hosted Beşiktaş within the perfect method on the start of the season, did not deserve the bad cheers made through the black and white enthusiasts right through and at the end of the match.” It used to be said that they took great care in the commentary, “As our President Murat Sancak said, ‘Beşiktaş is our sister club,’ We Are deeply saddened that that is being overshadowed on this method.”

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