Rıdvan Dilmen: They breathed ahead of the Marseille match

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in the seventh week of the Super League, Galatasaray hosted Göztepe, coming back from 1-0 and knocking them down 2-1. Famous commentator Rıdvan Dilmen evaluated the first half of the match and the tip of the match in the 100% Football program broadcast on TRT Spor. .

Even although Galatasaray didn’t win FOUR suits, looking at Göztepe’s performance in the primary 6 weeks, regardless of the whole thing, I saw a higher probability of Galatasaray profitable in front in their lovers. Alternatively, Fatih Terim’s motivational speeches will have professionals and cons. There could be extra, in fact. After newcomers get started enjoying extra this year, this would prove to be great ambition, great motivation, passing passes and turnovers. once we glance; Halil, Kerem, Morutan suffered implausible losses. The fanatics are angry, disillusioned… Fenerbahce’s involvement in the race, and Trabzonspor’s pocketing 14 issues regardless of the shortage of a match also create super drive on the avid gamers.

I find it proper for Feghouli to play


Luyindama scored a purpose due to individual fault. What could happen if Muslera were given that ball out? He was once getting a red card because he was out of the penalty area.

Galatasaray’s forwards; Diagne, Mohamed and Halil are out of form. Both the ancestor and the holder are formless right now. Mature gamers can pull the staff out of here, like Babel. There are two techniques in front of Fatih instructor. he’s going to both spare FIVE minutes for the participant in the dressing room, sit down and talk privately or change with Alpaslan. i believe it will modification with Alpaslan. If he’s not psychologically ready, Luyindama will have to exit. but when he is able, he will play together with his body once more. Galatasaray is incredibly worried at the moment. Fans also are nervous. As of now, the desired Galatasaray has no longer been seen. Fatih Terim isn’t doing that, he is no longer doing that. If he tries to place Ömer into the sport now, the lovers are already in hassle towards him. Fatih is the instructor who must stay calm the most. he’ll no longer play in a rush, he must get protected gamers.

Very individual mistakes are made in Galatasaray, and their capturing personal tastes are also very dangerous. Otherwise, they are in position. as an example, although Halil used to be not egoistic, he received the ball and desired to throw it, with the desire to score objectives. Feghouli used to be empty. Will the fit get back? it could rotate. we can wait and spot the instructor’s moves.

It was once now not a very high quality match these days, nevertheless it was once a fit that showed the significance of sacrifice and chance. There may be a few purposes that are not in the arms of the coaches. E.g; Luyindama’s mistake in the first goal or İrfan Can’s mistake…

Each the gamers and Terim were relieved

This win was once played against Galatasaray sooner than the Marseille fit. It used to be very important for respiring. The gamers and Fatih trainer each comfy just a little. Galatasaray started the sport in the sort of approach that Terim’s pre-fit motivational speeches got here as a drawback instead of a bonus. At The Same Time As the rating was once 0-ZERO, they also entered the positions. But those sources of motivation returned with excitement, turnovers, and coordination errors. Now And Again they may be able to happen.

it will now not be vital!

What makes this match necessary; once we look now, FORTY fits are played, 33 matches are left. Alternatively, as we input the 7th week, being at the back of the warring parties through many issues reduces the motivation of the large teams a lot. he’s going to throw more of them. 21 years antique. Open to building. He performs very with no trouble.

Motion to Alpaslan, instance VAR status.

The participant’s reason is to dam directly.


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