Rıdvan Dilmen: I Am out of Galatasaray championship race! message

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Galatasaray lost THREE-0 away to Kayserispor in the 6th week of the Süper Lig. With this result, the Yellow-Reds were given their second defeat in a row. Comparing the Kayserispor-Galatasaray fit on TRT Spor, Rıdvan Dilmen criticized Fatih Terim.

Rıdvan Dilmen’s statements are as follows;

The teach will sit down and study the learning

Hodja Fatih is not going to say, ‘What will have to I do, I’m caught with Atalay’, but I cannot say with desperation. i wouldn’t call it a metamorphosis of desperation. there is most definitely no person in the global who exaggerates the phrase rotation as a lot as we do. The fixture is in entrance of me… If I play in the first 5-6 weeks, what will I do with this a lot rotation, week 15? Allow me attempt to continue with my perfect squad, I Will rotate if i’ve to. The coach will take a seat and observe the educational. What roughly staff is the opposing staff? Kerem, Morutan are subtle actors. I give a boost to younger avid gamers. I have the benefit of the revel in of avid gamers similar to Diagne, Mostafa Mohamed, Feghouli. With rotation, Feghouli, Diagne may not play.

“I’m out!” gave the message

You can not beat the rotation within the first 6 weeks while there are 55 matches in a FORTY-week duration, cup, Ecu or one thing. When he mentioned to Muhammed Mustafa, 20 million, 30 million, something all at once took place. Whether Feghouli has been gone for 2-THREE years, has he stayed, made sacrifices, gone or something, he passed with these. He also has a contract with zero chance of extension. Either delete, discard or play. Galatasaray in the championship race “i’m not!” gave the message. Galatasaray is the membership that provides the most testimonials in the Turkish League. Nelson isn’t the suitable switch. should you invested that so much cash, your staff will have to play for the championship. Galatasaray membership and its show did not supply me a championship air.

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