Remaining minute! Very harsh Balotelli and referee statement from Beşiktaş

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Beşiktaş has launched a statement regarding the football player Mario Balotelli from Adana Demirspor, who moved in opposition to the black-and-white membership after scoring a goal in the 6th week of the Super League closing evening. While the black-and-white membership strongly condemned the motion of the football player, he emphasized that they’d follow the punishment to receive to the player.

The commentary from the Black and White club is as follows:

within the Super League fit we performed with Adana Demirspor on Tuesday, September 21, 2021, one among the rival group gamers, Mario Balotelli, We strongly condemn his motion towards our bench. We underline that each motion towards the sports activities morality of Beşiktaş bench is finished to our group. we look forward to seeing what more or less penalty the participant in query will receive. we will be able to never accept the sort of motion in opposition to any part of our membership that rejects the theory that everything is fair to win.<

Beşiktaş community did not complain approximately dropping points within the framework of the sport rules. However, in spite of the chained illegal movements of the opposing crew players as if taking part in blindfold at the finish of the fit, the referee practices made within the match, evaluated the position that led to a objective determination before the eyes of the general public, without the foul whistle, with the blackout of the VAR referee, whose presence was once now not recognized, as lacking goodwill. We watched in amazement.

On the opposite hand, the 4th referee and the referee of the match condoned the soccer player with a criminal record, who made illegal and unethical actions from the minute he entered the game until he went to the locker room. We depart the placement of our football player Rosier, who attempted to precise himself via staying in an unfair and illegal place and used to be punished with a second yellow card, to the discretion of the sports public. Given That we will be the follower and defender of this and the following process, all sports activities public, especially our community, cannot have the slightest doubt.

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