Remaining minute – First 11 decision from Sergen Yalçın! 2 avid gamers in the squad

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In Beşiktaş, in order to enter into a tough match traffic within the Super League and Champions League after the nationwide holiday, Show Sergen Yalçın is making an attempt to make use of his squad within the most efficient way.

4 household can play


consistent with Milliyet’s record; It used to be learned that Yalçın, who was glad to go back with the wounds, but this time experiencing the candy trouble of having many applicants for the squad, may placed 4 local players on the box at ELEVEN in preference to 3 in the Başakşehir fit. The black and white instruct, who thinks to give a possibility to Ersin in the goal and Rıdvan at left-again, does not wish to lower Güven, who scored 2 goals within the Sivas match.

Can Bozdoğan to 11< /p>

It is said that Sergen Yalçın plans to place Can Bozdoğan, who has used all his possibilities neatly, to the field at ELEVEN. It was mentioned that Yalçın, who calculated that they would face Sporting and Galatasaray after the Başakşehir fit, may just therefore make Pjanic stand up. The black-and-white show, who desires to create the midfield from the Josef-Can-Teixeira trio and provides Ghezzal and Güven a chance at the flanks, will use Batshuayi on the some distance finish. Sergen Yalçın, who is keen to play Atiba in place of Can within the midfield, will explain the 11 that he’s going to take at the box in the Başakşehir match within the training periods to be held these days and the following day. N’Koudou and Mehmet Topal, who’ve now not been injured in Kartal but, is not going to be in the fit squad.

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