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Beşiktaş has released an professional remark concerning the singer Serdar Ortaç, who received an ideal reaction from the lovers on social media. within the remark made by way of Beşiktaş, it was once mentioned that criminal court cases were initiated for the famous singer.

the following statements had been used in the remark made by means of Beşiktaş:

“All Through a company, important criminal actions had been taken in opposition to singer SO as a result of his insulting statements and behaviors towards our neighborhood. .”

What did Serdar Ortaç do?

Besiktas drew THREE-THREE with Adana Demirspor on Tuesday, September 21. Adana Demirspor, despite falling again 3-ZERO, introduced the score to a few-THREE with a function at the end of additional time.

The day after the demanding match, on Wednesday, September 22, the well-known singer Serdar Ortaç took the level at a venue in Adana. While Serdar Ortaç was once singing his song ‘Dansöz’, he took a holiday and praised Adana Demirspor, while making insulting statements and hand gestures about his rival Beşiktaş in the fit.

Serdar Ortaç used the following expressions right through his speech:

“He Is showing me at the telephone. Adana Demirspor has been spitting on his mouth this week…. Excellent good fortune Adana. So we can leap for him”

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