Remaining minute! Description of Nihat Özdemir and Burak Elmas from TFF

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The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) made a statement regarding the allegations that President Nihat Özdemir met with Galatasaray Club President Burak Elmas and former TFF President Yıldırım Demirören.

Here is the remark from the TFF:

Primarily Based claims on a television channel and social media that our President, Mr. Nihat Özdemir, had a gathering with Galatasaray President Mr. Burak Elmas and TFF Former President Mr. Yıldırım Demirören in a resort in Bodrum. has been introduced.

As alleged, there has never been a meeting with Mr. Burak Elmas. you’ll meet with Elmas in any environment.

it’s glaring that such baseless claims on which situations are produced to disrupt the surroundings of believe are of little need to Turkish football.

We respectfully provide to the public’s information.

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