Referee of Ajax-Besiktas fit announced

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Besiktas, who had a 2-1 defeat in opposition to Altay within the Super League and had a personnel shortage as a result of the surplus of injured soccer avid gamers, will face Ajax within the Netherlands in the 2d match of the Champions League Crew C on weekdays.

Black Even As names reminiscent of Batshuayi, Larin, Necip Uysal and Teixeira are expected to be within the squad, most of the highest gamers are injured, which makes Sergen Yalçın think. It Sort Of Feels that Yalçın will shake palms within the Eu area, who mentioned in his statements, “there’s no shortage, we can undoubtedly find anyone to play.” The French referee Benoit Bastien will manage the Ajax – Beşiktaş match. Bastien’s assistants will probably be Hicham Zakrani and Aurelien Berthomieu. Jeremei Pignard will serve as the 4th referee.

Delajod Willy will probably be in the VAR seat of the match and Massimiliano Irrati can be sitting within the AVAR seat.

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