Press about the fit-solving conspiracy case in football from Fenerbahçe

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on the assembly held at Ülker Stadium 1907 Tribune, Fethi Pekin, the board member accountable for prison affairs of the yellow-darkish blue club, and membership attorneys Naim Karakaya and Erden Gürden made statements.

Fenerbahçe Club Basic Secretary Burak Çağlan Kızılhan And Will Gebetaş, a member of the board of directors. Aziz Yıldırım and different directors have been acquitted after about 10 years. The file went to the Excellent Court. This 12 months, very heavy sentences have been introduced within the decision within the case of ‘fixing match-fixing in soccer’ on FOUR June. We Have Now been inspecting this determination intimately due to the fact that day. On 20 August, we’ve a reimbursement case in opposition to the Turkish Soccer Federation’s (TFF) choice to prohibit Fenerbahçe from Ecu cups 10 years ago. . THREE of them are like nails and meat. In Might 2021, in the THREE July trial, the chief Prosecutor of the Very Best Court Docket gave his opinion in the route of acquittal.

We are looking forward to the verdict to be upheld in the Very Best Court. It has been proven that Fenerbahce has been proper on this combat, during which it has stood firm since the starting.” He noted:

“there is just one police report. TFF bans Fenerbahçe from European cups without referring it to the disciplinary committee and getting its safeguard. They made any such mistake. in the lawsuit filed against the TFF, 250 million lira, that is, 25 million Euros, is a definite loss. There are also unsure damages. The court will rent knowledgeable. we will be able to learn too. This determine will increase. From the day these losses happen, a call can be made along with the criminal hobby. the general public can not be hung up on 250 million liras. We consider that the number shall be so much upper.”

Karakaya: “Our membership has been irreparably broken”

The attorney of the yellow-dark blue membership, Naim Karakaya, stated, “Solving conspiracy in soccer He cited that they expect the acquittal of Fenerbahçe’s ex-president Aziz Yıldırım and the executives to be upheld prior to the end of this yr. The links among football are expressed.

We discovered that a essential part of the defendants used ByLock broadly. the truth that this has been registered with a judicial resolution indicates the accuracy of what Fenerbahçe stated at the first day. we predict the acquittal decision to be licensed sooner than the top of 2021. Irreversible damage has been done to our club. This group hit the yellow-dark blue wall shaped by way of the nice Fenerbahce community and its supporters. Our group should have for sure that our prison combat might be carried out until the fabric and ethical damages are totally remedied.”

Gürden: “We demand compensation for our damages”

Fenerbahçe’ Another club legal professional, Erden Gürden, who conveyed his views on the repayment lawsuit filed by way of TFF in opposition to TFF, mentioned:

“We evaluated our case very thoroughly. We’ve Got been getting ready for this for 2 years. We referred the case to TFF. the explanation for this is related to UEFA banning Fenerbahçe from the Champions League as a result of the decision taken by the TFF at that point. based on a police file, the TFF takes an unlawful decision to prohibit us from Ecu cups.

We call for reimbursement for our damages. We declared it as 250 million liras, if truth be told it’s 25 million Euros. Taking Into Consideration the utmost pursuits of the membership, we filed a lawsuit with the correct number. Might the group rest in peace. The trial maintains.”



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