ÖK Yeni Malatyaspor Sporting Director İzzet Erdoğan: The league is very

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Öznur Kablo Sports Activities Director of Yeni Malatyaspor, İzzet Erdoğan, said that they are hopeful about the fit they’re going to play with Atakaş Hatayspor in the eighth week of the Super League. Making statements to the clicking prior to the learning held at the facilities in Orduzu Pınarbaşı, Erdoğan said that they had a misfortune in the remaining 2 video games they played, and stated, “We didn’t play very badly in phrases of the sport. It was the matches that scored the purpose in 2 video games. However unfortunately our fighters scored. there will be ups and downs in football. there’ll be ups and downs, youth. “we’re a staff. We do not play badly in phrases of the game. We play neatly in certain portions of the sport. There are such decreases. Our paintings maintains. i believe we will be able to get it together. i believe that we can revise the staff and get more issues within the intervening time duration.”

Describing that the issue of solidarity between the players within the staff lasted a little longer than the other groups, İzzet Erdoğan mentioned:

“greater than 1/2 the workforce is new players. there’s an adaptation process, i have been pronouncing this since the first day. we’ve sent some of our buddies with whom we spent the camp length. we have THIRTEEN mortgage players. we’ve got FOUR players from out of the country. it is challenging for them to conform to the group. this is actual for every team. All teams enjoy such difficulties. however it is vital. “How long will it take us to triumph over these problems. Ours took just a little longer. We did not expect this much. If we had controlled to complete the household fits no less than without losing points, we might be speaking approximately various things today. The league may be very stricken, the issues hole is very quick. i believe it will be good. we’re eager for the Hatayspor fit.”

Erdogan mentioned that he has no shortcomings except Adem Büyük and Kubilay Kanatsızkuş within the Atakaş Hatayspor match they’re going to play on Sunday, October 3rd. said. (AA)

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