Nestor El Maestro: I Do Not like to use the word radical

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In Göztepe, which was once defeated 1-0 by way of GZT Giresunspor, which it hosted in the Tremendous League, the tutor Nestor El Maestro mentioned that they closed a sport they played neatly without any points. El Maestro, in his evaluation after the match, said that some unimaginable issues came about of their present state of affairs. it may possibly additionally amendment. It Is in reality arduous to grasp how we lost with this recreation.”

While requested if a journalist would make an intensive determination in regards to the group or approximately himself, El Maestro stated:

“i do not like the usage of the phrase radical as a result of it is a little “it’s a relative thought. Perhaps what’s radical for me would possibly not be radical for you, or vice versa. of course, we need to investigate this procedure by way of taking into consideration all our encounters, not only the remaining sport. We wish to examine not only the 20 days I spent here, but also the previous. in case you look at our sport, we’re no longer good in my view, we’ve shortcomings. i will not say that we’re excellent as a workforce. We concede objectives in each match, but we won’t score. in this experience, we have a very large problem. There are different problems. of course, i will make very critical and massive adjustments in this procedure, but Let’s no longer name it radical modification.”


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