Nazilli Belediyespor rebelled towards referee decisions

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Nazilli Belediyespor, who lost their second consecutive defeat to Zonguldak Kömürspor 1-0 away in the season that started with 2 in 2 in TFF 2d League White Crew, rebelled towards the referee’s decisions. within the NINETY+4th minute of the fit, President Soner Yelkovan said that despite the fact that the leather circle crossed the road in Koray’s head shot, the referee Mehmet Türkmen didn’t rely the position as a objective, and that at least they left the away recreation with a draw.

While the objections of the black and white players did not amendment the verdict within the position where the players from Zonguldak took the ball after crossing the line, the president Yelkovan stated, “We fell sufferer to referees. we don’t take shelter in them. Our avid gamers fought really well at the box. Our avid gamers fought very well at the field. Returning without issues as a result of referee mistakes. We had to. Referee mistakes started early. The rights and efforts of golf equipment should be safe. we’re sorry, but we’re a number of the perfect groups in the league. we are sturdy sufficient to overcome them,” he stated. (DHA)

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