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As a person who shares life with a large number of cats and dogs, I love to observe cats. Because, I definitely compare every cat I observe to a person I know. If a new Darwin came out and said, “Humans and apes are not from the same lineage, humans and cats are descended from the same lineage,” I would not be surprised.

The most selfish pet in the world is definitely the cat. It seems like interests shape his whole life. It is to say that every living creature has to be self-interested in order to continue the struggle for existence. But when, for example, a dog is fed, it will be satisfied and even grateful to you. If owners put any food in front of the cat, it says “I wonder if there is something better at home?” It watches the kitchen. It is always and always after the better. Especially, feeling grateful to someone who is feeding is a feeling the cat has never known.

Especially in Western societies, there is more love for dogs than cats. Unlike a dog, a dog is an animal that glorifies loyalty. The cat is a more honorable animal. It is difficult to put the cat in the car because it depends on the geography and it will be uncomfortable to leave. However, the dog is personal and goes in the car. This is an interesting difference in terms of animal behavior.

Cat’s Socialization

Cats’ socialization period, that is, the period when interaction should begin in order to make contact with people without fear is 2.-7 weeks after birth. The more positive interaction between cat and man during this period, the more likely the cat will become more friendly as it reaches adulthood. However, they continue to learn how to interact with people throughout their first year of life. Factors such as social experiences with mothers and siblings, characteristics of the father, maternal care, quality and duration of interaction with people, environmental confusion may also shape the cat’s courage in new situations and certain reactions to humans in the early period, which affect their friendliness with humans.

Loving cats relieve stress; Loving cats causes oxytocin hormone to hide in the body. Oxytocin, known as the attachment hormone or the ‘hug chemical’, helps people feel less anxious by reducing stress.

Protective against heart attack; persons who have a cat reduced the risk of death from a heart attack or stroke. The murmur of the cat not only calms your nerves but also lowers blood pressure. It provides relief from the feeling of loneliness; Studies show that loneliness is a major factor that plays a role in many illnesses. A recent study reveals that Alzheimer’s disease is related to loneliness.

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