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We have above-standard goalkeepers, excellent defenders, good enough complete backs, famous person wing attackers and a superb striker. the reason why this crew is not running because it must be is the crucial midfield. the center doesn’t have a memorized, digested game. on the beginning of each halves of the Norway fit, we went above the average with the directions of the train. But because the minutes progress, tactical self-discipline is misplaced as a result of there is no memorization. Şenol Güneş had fallen into this trap and trusted this group. Kuntz also switched avid gamers till the end of the fit. On The Other Hand, what needs to be done; Realizing that he does not have gamers like Belözoğlu, Selçuk İnan, İrfan, and changing the game. Maybe if we went again to the double striker and supported Hakan Çalhanoğlu smartly from at the back of, something may have changed. But with this midfield construction, Hakan Çalhanoğlu cannot display anything and is going smartly below the average. Possibly the worst of the workforce. Kuntz must modification the game, now not the gamers.


Even if there is a low chance of 2d position, the ‘World Cup ‘ path turns out congested.

We’ve examined this over and over. let’s consider the whole thing went neatly and we’re in Qatar, be certain we will be able to enjoy similar issues again. Because we all realize that tomorrow is usually ambiguous! As A Result Of we all understand that we are not methodical and subsequently we won’t paintings. Waiting to be promoted to a different level with out changing the cultural climate of football and spreading the sport to the grassroots is not anything more than a crude dream. This issue can’t be decreased to a simple person who can also be resolved by means of changing coaches by myself. Neither at the membership stage nor on the nationwide workforce stage. Knowledge and authority are enough for the solution.


in fact it was difficult for Kuntz to make a difference in 3 weeks. It used to be his evaluation of the players who play in the most accurate business groups in these positions. Alternatively, the reality of our soccer, despite the fact that our players taking part in in Europe keep up with the tempo in the ones leagues, whilst it comes to the Nationwide Team, the truth that we stay gradual as a staff might be Kuntz’s biggest problem. Frankly, our sport isn’t very promising to win the rest THREE games.

So in the end, the strings aren’t in our palms. But so as for Kuntz to have a long life in our Nationwide Group, the rest 3 suits will probably be decisive and the German show is familiar with of this. Even Though I Think it’s wrong, despite the fact that the Nationwide Crew officials say that it will probably be long-time period, Kuntz’s long run can also be determined by way of his 3-game performance.


The Norway draw has dampened our hopes for a 2d exit from the group. Taking A Look at the furniture, we will play away with Latvia and Montenegro, we will be able to face Gibraltar at house. Norway will face Latvia and Montenegro at home and the Netherlands away. we’re at 12 issues, if we make 9 in 3 games, we will reach the utmost of 21. A 7 is enough for Norway to reach 21. However that is a FIFA group and it’s not a twin but general reasonable. Norway is FOUR issues sooner than us, this means that that if they succeed in 21, it is not simply NINE issues, we want to mend our moderate. Frankly, our task is challenging. after all, it is going to now not be easy for us to topple Latvia and Montenegro, which we could now not beat at house. we will pray that Norway will likely be stuck in a single of the Latvia or Montenegro games ahead of they play their closing Netherlands sport.


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