Muzaffer Bilazer: Without the support of Erzurumspor lovers

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Muzaffer Bilazer emphasised to the AA correspondent that the enthusiasts are a really perfect driver for the crew, and referred to that there may be a few resentment due to the staff’s relegation from the Super League. :

“Our lovers wish to consider of their potential. There may be a loss of motivation, but we are struggling to mend it. we’d like the support of our lovers more than the rest. Erzurumspor supporters are perhaps the most different fans after FOUR groups on this u . s . a .. i can remember, but they should now not deprive us in their strength. no matter which player we purchase, we’ve no likelihood to turn into champions without the beef up of Erzurumspor lovers.” however all other positions were against us.”

– “Referees wish to be instructive and accurate references”

Bilazer, in the fifth week of the league, defeated Bereket Sigorta Ümraniyespor 2-0 in the match. Reminding him, he endured his words as follows:

“in the Ümraniye fit, not what the referee did but how he made them really feel was very important and the referee didn’t make us really feel just right. He kicked our captain at the remaining minute. His habits is very unsuitable and unsightly. I went to the referee’s room after the match, our player. i wanted to ask what he did. actually, our participant went and threw him out. I asked, ‘What did our participant say,’ and he stated he may file it to me. Referees need to be instructive and correct references.” Bilazer said: “This workforce spent an implausible quantity of money, labored hard and became the champion. They have been relegated, relegated, and relegated as a result of easy referee errors. We pay the cost within the Umraniye match. If there has been VAR, we’d have an excessively transparent penalty. . Erzurum city and its workforce isn’t a mild membership for this united states of america. Erzurum is the cornerstone for this united states of america. People do not understand it, however we want to make it really feel. Severe efforts are made and the associated fee is paid. Now we now have to say ‘stop’ to the loss of arbitrators’ arbitrariness. If we won’t amendment the idea of ​​”Erzurumspor will not hurt us” in the referees, we can continue to pay the price.”


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