Mostafa Mohamed in Galatasaray once more in the trailer

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Mostafa Mohamed, who joined Galatasaray on the halftime of closing season, can not display a efficiency like in the first weeks. Mohamed, whose transfer to the French staff Bordeaux did not occur on the remaining moment in the remaining days of the transfer period, said in a statement to the Egyptian press, “The absence of my transfer didn’t affect me negatively. on the opposite, it gave me more strength and allowed me to take care of my work.”

He drew the response of the stands

However, Mohamed, who changed Halil Dervişoğlu on the beginning of the second one half with the hope of scoring in opposition to Alanyaspor the day prior to this, continued to play nearly not anything. The 23-year-old striker, who had a difficult time coming into the function position, used the balls he received very ineffectively. Even Though Mohamed took 7 shots into the objective all through his time at the box, he could not to find the purpose in any of them. in reality, while the shot he took in the final minutes went away in a special approach, the stands reacted to him.

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