Merih Demiral: After All we really feel unhappy while issues get it wrong

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Our nationwide football player Merih Demiral made an announcement earlier than the Latvia fit to be played day after today night.

Merih’s statements are as follows;

Latvia fit could be very important for us

we attempt to not glance to the past. We had an excellent start to the Norway sport. we would have liked to depart with 3 points, but we couldn’t win with the goal we conceded within the first half. We nonetheless have a chance. now we have 3 matches ahead of us. Latvia fit is very important for us. Confidently, we wish to get 3 points from right here and proceed our good fortune. the atmosphere in the workforce is ok. i believe we will be able to get well day by means of day. Hopefully tomorrow we can get THREE issues and go away here.

we’re all seeking to do our greatest

Winning within the Norway match was once very important, however we drew. Our struggle will continue until the tip. You never recognize. Perhaps we will go to the sector Cup in step with the points lost via the opposite competition. now we have performed rather well within the earlier, both as a group and for my part. We additionally had dangerous performances. we are all looking to do our best.

after all we feel unhappy when issues go wrong

Expectantly we can go back to those days we miss. In each and every game we play, we try to do our best, as befits the national workforce. We all the time have motivation. We do not see any match simple. after all we are having unhealthy occasions. Undesired performances seem. We’re getting reactions. after all, we get disenchanted while things get it wrong. there’s a very great environment inside of. individuals are trying to provide their absolute best battle.

Confidently we can participate in the International Cup

We will display that we’re attempting our greatest within the next 3 games. Optimistically we will be able to participate in the Global Cup. The responsibility is on all people. Whoever performs within the nationwide team, all of us take accountability. Tactically, our teacher will let us know what we did unsuitable and what we did right. Our trainer has just arrived, his figuring out of techniques is not going to be mirrored instantly.

We all the time try to be positive

The new atmosphere, especially Hamit brother, tells us about his reports. he’s taking care folks in my opinion. Our instructor is seeking to give an explanation for his figuring out of the sport to us. We always try to appear sure. we have complete trust that we can take part within the World Cup. it is a nice chance for Latvia that we have not won the remaining 6 video games. i’m hoping we holiday that unfortunate factor and depart here with 3 issues.

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