Mehmet Hüseyin Dalgıç: We Do Not think we deserve defeat

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Istanbulspor Coach Mehmet Hüseyin Dalgıç said that he thinks they received the game despite the fact that they lost the match as a ranking, “Today we played a very excellent fit with Kocaelispor in terms of viewing. We congratulate Kocaelispor. But we do not think we deserved the defeat. We gave the match as a ranking, however we expect we received as a sport. We ready really well in the course of the week. We knew Kocaelispor’s weaknesses. We idea we would forestall it with force within the second and 3rd areas. After the first 10 mins, we achieved the game we wanted. We had a few extra possibilities. shall we have scored more. Focus on the beginning of the second one half We conceded the goal as a result of the shortage of it. But such positions do occur. We conceded the goal as a result of a lack of focus in a position we never expected. However we took regulate again. i feel we deserved the sport with the positions we ignored. We studied all of the matches of Kocaelispor minute by minute remaining week. in step with him we made a recreation plan and it is on its manner was once going. On The Other Hand, I Will Be Able To say that Kocaelispor is one click above their previous suits. we can study this match again and take a look at our shortcomings,” he mentioned.


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