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While the cases of COVID-19 disease due to the new type of coronavirus are increasing day by day, people are trying to reach simple medical masks to protect themselves. Some health professionals, on the other hand, approach this issue differently; they were worried about the supply of masks for them: “Only the necessary people should use masks!” they say. But are masks really only necessary for certain people, or should everyone outside their home wear a mask? Could everyone wearing a mask be one of the most important factors in slowing down and controlling the pandemic?

Simple medical masks are not normally intended to protect yourself, but to reduce the risk of infecting others. However, the rate of new types of coronavirus positive people in the society is increasing day by day; Since we do not know who is positive for coronavirus infection, wearing a mask by everyone outside of the home can reduce the rate of COVID-19’s spread.

However, despite the use of masks, people need to continue to practice social distance and stay at home to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Wearing a mask doesn’t mean I can get out more easily!

Scientists who propose to wear masks to the masses say that the effect of wearing masks against the spread of this epidemic is moderate. Also, many of us are reluctant to encourage the purchase of masks due to severe shortages in healthcare systems. But it seems necessary for the public to wear masks now, more than at any other time in history. In order to break the pace of this epidemic, whatever necessary state should do, including wearing a mask, as well as following the rules of staying at home, social isolation, and hygiene. It is very important to wear the mask correctly and not to handle the mask in terms of protection from Covid-19.

People should wear masks properly, especially due to the hot weather. Wearing a mask is a social responsibility. They explained 3 important reasons for wearing a mask as follows:

1. Respect for rules, science

We don’t know if we are carriers of Covid-19. People can infect this disease even if they do not show symptoms.

2. Kindness, empathy

We do not know if the person we are in contact with has a child struggling with cancer or an elderly mother in their care. When we are healthy, they may not be in good health.

3. Community health, responsibility

We have responsibilities towards the society we live in. Taking measures against Covid-19 protects us all.

What should I pay attention to when buying masks for my children?

Mask makers mostly design masks for adults, so they will not fit children well. If you are going to buy a mask, choose a mask that is the right size for your child’s face. You can buy the mask for your children or make it yourself. Your mask; Remember that your child must cover their mouth, nose and chin. In addition, the mask should not have any gaps or obstruct the view. Make sure your child can breathe comfortably through the mask when walking fast or talking.

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